Style And Comfort For Baby From Feltman Brothers

As you know we recently welcomed home our sweet baby girl. After bringing her home the time has been flying by. She is now seven weeks old and changing so fast. I was saddened the other morning when I went to put one of her newborn outfits on her and it didn’t fit anymore, however I was delighted that she can now fit into her Feltman Brothers one piece. She is our precious little angel and deserving of all the best things in life and I hope to give as many of those things as possible.

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Gift guide for your wee Valentine loved ones

Gift guide for your wee Valentine loved ones

What’s decorated in shades of pink and red or with hearts galore? You’re little one, of course! This Valentine’s Day, accentuate your sweet little ones’ sweet side with items filled with love from Feltman BrothersPrince Lionheart,Isabelle Grace JewelryBooginHead, and BubbleBum.

Feltman Brothers 

You can keep your precious one warm and cozy with Feltman Brothers’ cardigan collection, including the Crocheted Flowers Cardigan ($45.95) in pink or white (both photographed below), the Cardigan with Rosebuds ($33.99) in pink or white (both photographed below), the Cardigan with Crocheted Collar & Pockets (on sale for $31.50) in pink, the Girls Hooded Cardigan with Ribbon Insert ($37.99) in pink, and the Hooded Jacquard Knit Cardigan (on sale for $30.99) in pink.

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The Sweetest Easter

With Easter being earlier this year (March! Eek! What will we do?), I decided to go ahead and get busy planning outfits. Outfits are not the reason for the season for my family, personally, but it’s certainly fun seeing everyone all dolled up – and that includes my own doll baby, little L. (although this year she is officially a toddler and not really a baby anymore…sob.)

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Generations of Feltman Brothers’ Timeless Treasures


Of course we appreciate every purchase of a Feltman Brothers garment. But, we must confess that it’s always extra thrilling for us to see our beloved pieces after they’ve been handed down from generation to generation. Often moms, grandmas and aunts will send us photos of their newest family members in a Feltman Brothers original that’s made its way around the family tree. We know this means our classic styling and quality construction make us a keeper!

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Sewing Techniques

Love In Every Stitch
Any new parent can tell you that it’s the little things in life that mean the most. That’s why we add a generous array of embellishments like fagotting, pintucking, smocking and embroidery to every garment we create. While each individual accent is tiny, they make a big impact. We hope that through this attention to detail, you can see just how much we care.

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