Major Milestones

Milestones have always been important to Feltman Brothers! We’ve been a part of so many memorable moments with countless families—from planning the baby registry to launching baby into toddlerhood. And this year, we’re marking a major achievement of our own: 100 years in business. It’s amazing and humbling. But what’s a milestone without a celebration? We’re commemorating this special moment with a limited-edition collection, new keepsake dolls, special hangtags calling attention to our celebratory pieces, and precious gift baskets. Join us in this celebration and think of Feltman Brothers first for all of your child’s major moments:

  1. Home From The Hospital

You knew this day was coming. You’ve been counting down, with an eye on your due date since the first time you spotted him or her in that sonogram. And now they’re here. And they’re all yours! Just you and this brand new little life. You’ll never forget this exciting—and terrifying—time! (Shop our Day Gowns)

  1. First Smile

Those first few days of parenthood go by in a sleep-deprived blur. The constant merry-go-round of diapers and feedings seem never ending—until one day, a smile. And suddenly—impossibly—you love him even more. It’s also a sign that “hey mom and dad, you’re doing everything right!” (Shop our Pima cotton collection.)

  1. Monthly Milestones

With every new month comes new discoveries. From finding their toes to polishing off their first bowl of peas, your little one’s likes and dislikes, skills and abilities change within a blink of an eye. (Shop our one-pieces.)

  1. First Step

Things get real once baby’s vertical—and moving. Whether they’re cruising the furniture or sprinting across the room, suddenly you both have a totally new perspective on life. (Shop our toddler girls’ dresses.)

  1. Baby Dedication

No matter whether you’re celebrating a baby blessing, dedication or Christening, it’s a special moment to stop and say thank you for this new little life! It’s a day filled with love surrounded by friends and family! (Shop our White Tuxedo collection.)

  1. First Holiday

Think of all of your favorite Christmases from the past—the ones for which you got the best gifts and ate the best meals—add them all up and multiply them by 1,000. There’s nothing better than your first Christmas together as a family. All of the old traditions take on new, deeper meanings. (Shop our Holiday collection.)

  1. First Birthday                                                                                                 No milestone has prompted more parents everywhere—in every language—to say, “he/she is growing up so fast.” Those first 365 days are a wonder. You and baby have been through so much, and the journey’s just beginning. From the newborn who stole your heart, they’re now an independent little person exploring the world on their own terms. (Shop our Birthday bibs.) 
    1. Becoming a Older Sibling

    Graduating from an only child or the baby in the bunch to an older sibling is so special. And while the road may not always be smooth when the new baby comes home, the bonds are undeniable. (Shop our Toddler boys and girls collections.)


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