What a doll!

As moms, you are your child’s first hero, so they want to do everything you do. Decide to paint your nails? Suddenly you’ve got a mani/pedi partner. Want to chat on the phone? Be ready to invest in a make-believe data plan for your little chatty Kathy. They even love to mimic the sweet way you nurture your family. You’ve probably caught your daughter cuddling, swaddling and “feeding” their baby dolls on more than one occasion. Dolls give little girls the opportunity to be just like mommy. And that includes the extra special care you take in dressing them up.

Now you can pass that thrill onto your little mini-me thanks to the debut of our first Feltman Brothers dolls! The launch is the latest highlight of our year-long 100-year celebration. The Caroline Grace and Emma dolls are life-like, soft to the touch and feature that beloved baby scent. They’re the perfect little companions as your daughter goes throughout her day playing mommy. Or if you’re purchasing them as keepsakes, they’d make adorable display pieces for her room, which you could preserve and pass down from generation to generation.

IMG_6251Caaa.jpg                                      IMG_6212Aaaa.jpg

And the best part? These cuties are decked out in Feltman Brothers designs that are exact replicas of styles from our line so your little girl can match her doll down to the smallest detail! The dress Caroline Grace is wearing is our Rose Garden dress, which features smocking, pintucking and embroidery, along with a coordinating bonnet, booties and bloomers. Emma’s dress is our Bishop, smocked style with scalloped hem and delicate embroidery, styled with matching bonnet, booties and bloomers.


The Caroline Grace and Emma dolls promise the most adorable photo opportunities for your daughter and her little sartorial twin. And, just imagine how much fun she’ll have being the “mommy” to a baby who looks just like her.


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