In the Bag…


If your delivery date is on the horizon, chances are you’re already thinking about what to bring baby home in. And of course, that’s easy! When it comes to dressing baby for his or her debut, Feltman Brothers has many perfect options. Our pima cotton pieces are silky soft for that precious newborn skin, our 100 Year Collection features limited-edition pieces that are as special as your baby, our knit options keep little ones warm in chilly climates and our take-me-home gowns are beautiful and practical for the numerous diaper changes that come with each new arrival.

But besides a cute Feltman Brothers’ outfit, what do you really need to bring in your hospital bag? We pulled together a list of essentials—and got some tips from some of our favorite baby-centric sources—to help you have a healthy, happy and memorable delivery experience.

  1. Hospital-related paperworkWhat to Expect, the authority on prepping for baby, says don’t forget to bring copies of your birth plan, your insurance card, and any hospital registration documents you might have been given.
  1. A DIY solution to back pain during laborFit Pregnancy suggests you create a back massager by putting three tennis balls in a tube sock. Your birth partner can roll it along your back to alleviate pain or you could opt to lean against a wall with the sock in place.
  1. Comfy clothes—We know you’re already sick of your maternity duds but they may be the best option for you immediately after birth. Remember, post-baby bodies look a lot like pregnancy bodies at first. Also, think about clothes that will allow you to nurse easily.
  1. Pajamas—You’ll probably spend at least one night in the hospital so why not be comfortable? And, no judgment if you decide to make your exit in a chic pair of pjs too.
  1. Slippers—Of course for sanitary reasons, hospitals have to be clean, but you’ll probably still feel more comfortable with something on your feet. Socks are a good option too; just make sure they have the no slip grippers on the bottom.
  1. Undies—Think comfort and practicality here. The fact is, immediately post partum you’ll be sore and using lots of pads (which your hospital will probably provide). But don’t worry, you’ll be back in your cute skivvies soon enough.
  1. Toiletries—Start stocking up on travel-size personal care items now. The hospital soap and toothpaste probably won’t be your preferred brands.
  1. Lip balm—All that labor breathing can give you cracked lips, so be sure to stash some of your favorite lip stuff in the bag, according to pregnancy guru and mother of 4, Rosie Pope.
  1. A camera or cellphone—These are definitely moments you’ll want to remember—and capture. Be sure you have your camera and/or cellphone handy for pictures and videos. And don’t forget those chargers!
  1. A laptop, iPad, Nook, etc—Depending on how anxious your little one is to make his or her grand appearance, you might have a long lead up to the main event, so don’t forget to bring some things to keep you and your birthing partner distracted.
  1. Takeout menus and snacks—While you can’t eat leading up to delivery, you’ll be famished after all that hard work is done, according to Parents Pack your favorite snacks or do a little investigating beforehand to find out which area restaurants deliver.
  1. A playlist—Many moms like to plan the environment into which their little ones arrive. One way to do that is with music. Here are a few suggestions for a playlist of songs to welcome your new baby from some of our favorite baby authorities. “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle and “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack made Popsugar‘s list, while “Lullaby” by the Dixie Chicks and “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles topped The Bump‘s.


Shop Feltman Brothers for baby’s first wardrobe, including:

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