The Sweetest Easter

With Easter being earlier this year (March! Eek! What will we do?), I decided to go ahead and get busy planning outfits. Outfits are not the reason for the season for my family, personally, but it’s certainly fun seeing everyone all dolled up – and that includes my own doll baby, little L. (although this year she is officially a toddler and not really a baby anymore…sob.)

Since we had such an adorable experience wearing Feltman Brothers last year (see exhibit A in this sweet white dress…scroll to the bottom of the post), I thought it would be another precious moment to capture her in yet another dress from the beloved brand. Ever since it arrived, she’s pointed to it in her closet to try on. It’s SO funny how little girls are. So when I asked her if she wanted to try it on this weekend, she immediately ran to her room squealing (gets it from her mama).

And let me tell you – I am so incredibly excited to dress her on Easter Sunday in this amazing little dress from Feltman Brothers. The label just launched their new Bouquet line and my gosh it’s the sweetest. I chose the A-line pleated dress with fly sleeves. This was “the dress” all because of the pleats. Let’s face it. I love little girls in pleated dresses!

It has a white peter pan collar with hand-embroidered flower bouquets on the edges to match the flower bouquets along the white contrast hem. The pleats make it adorable, but the fly sleeves are really what set it apart.

To complete her Easter look, little L. was sent these mini Melissa Ultragirl Minnie Mouse shoes. I mean, who doesn’t squeal over a peeptoe with a bow? She sure did! We’ve been fans of mini Melissa’s plastic, sweet-smelling shoes since birth, and I plan to have little L. grow up in them. They are THE cutest. And I love these because the color allows her to wear them with practically anything – from her polka-dots and sidewalk chalk to her Easter dress. Wink.

Happy Easter outfit planning…you have until next month! xoxo

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