Parents and kids all love to have the latest style that are available, so you know for a fact that they will have the newest looks out there. Although, you can’t forget about your babies, I mean babies have to look good too right? You want to have your youngster in something real nice and stylish for everyone to see. You don’t want them in just any old outfit that might not even be comfortable for them. Well, al that is going to change because I have a couple of products that are sure to grab your attention, these are available at Feltman Brothers. These products c0uld be a great pick-up for your little one. So check out the information on the products I have for you below.



The 3 PC Sweater Set w/Car & Hat would be the perfect set for your child to wear on those snug days. At the top of the sweater, it has a unique mother of pearls button for closing. On the front of the bodice is a cute little car design that adds some flair. The hat with the set consists of three different colors; these colors blend in well with the sweater itself. Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about your baby being comfortable either; it’s made with 100% cotton that is extra soft for your child’s liking. Sizes and Colors include:

  • NB-24M
  • Grey/Blue or Blue/Grey

The 3 PC Sweater Set w/Car & Hat is something that your child would be comfortable in and look stylish at the same time.



The Pima Cotton Teddy Bear Blanket is the perfect selection for something that can comfort your baby when they need it the most. This is a uniquely designed blanket that is made of 100% cotton, and this delivers that perfect soft comfort. A cute little teddy bear is designed on the blanket as well, so not only is it soft, but it is an adorable selection.

With these two products, your baby can be in style while at the same time be extremely comfortable. So check out the information on the products that I have for you above.

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