Generations of Feltman Brothers’ Timeless Treasures


Of course we appreciate every purchase of a Feltman Brothers garment. But, we must confess that it’s always extra thrilling for us to see our beloved pieces after they’ve been handed down from generation to generation. Often moms, grandmas and aunts will send us photos of their newest family members in a Feltman Brothers original that’s made its way around the family tree. We know this means our classic styling and quality construction make us a keeper!

We love seeing the obvious care and thought that went into preserving these special family heirlooms. If you’re planning to save your baby’s special wardrobe for his or her future children, we’ve collected some tips to help you store and care for your Feltman Brothers items.

Be a stain master

Good Housekeeping suggests you make sure your garments are clean before storing them. Otherwise, stains and odors might set in and ruin your dreams of handing down the perfect family heirloom. And Cotton Inc says the best time to deal with stains is immediately. Learn how to be proactive the minute an accident occurs here.

Box them up

The Hagley Museum says resist the urge to store your keepsake clothes in dry cleaner bags. Those aren’t meant for long-term storage because they let light in, which can fade items, and mold could build up inside if there’s moisture in the air. Instead, they suggest springing for a few gray acid-free cardboard boxes. These allow air to circulate. Plus, laying your garments flat puts less stress on the fibers than them hanging up.

Air it out

Among the tips from the Smithsonian Institute (which knows a thing or two about preservation), is removing the garment from storage every once in awhile to be aired. This is especially true if the outfit has been folded. You’ll want to unfold it and refold it in a different way or, over time, the fibers can break along the folds.

Once it’s time for the next new arrival to wear his or her Feltman Brothers garment, here are some tips to consider from Cotton Inc:

  • think about whipping down your washing machine with this vinegar mixture to make sure it’s as clean as possible
  • add a half cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle when washing to white your whites
  • don’t overload your washer, as this can cause wrinkles
  • remove your items from the dryer before they’re completely dry and hang to further discourage wrinkling


And don’t forget, to capture that special moment with a photo. And post a copy on our Facebook page for everyone to enjoy!


Photo captions


Over 61 years, the tradition continues! This tiny heirloom resides in a shadow box frame along with plaque engraved with the names of each family member who’s worn it.


Same age, same Feltman Brothers creation—just 28 years apart. We see the family resemblance. Can’t you?



Thirty years later, this handsome little guy wore his dad’s Feltman Brothers romper home from the hospital. And now it awaits the next generation in a frame in the baby’s nursery.

Like father, like son! Baby Bennett looks as dapper in his Feltman Brothers Bobby Suit as his dad did 30 years prior.



This 1950s Feltman Brothers smocked dress looks as cute on this day as it did back when her mom wore it.



One thought on “Generations of Feltman Brothers’ Timeless Treasures

  1. We love our Feltman Brothers Collection and have passed it around for over 30 years. It’s my turn with the collection, and I’m having trouble figuring out what size each item is. Is there a trick?


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