Feltman Bros Diamond Grid Knit Longall Review

Feltman Bros is a long established brand that offers vintage style clothing for boys and girls.

In 1916 Mr. Feltman established a small factory in the Philippines for hand made dresses and exported them to the United States. Today, Feltman products are still being made in the Philippines, with the same principals applied to their craftsmanship. In viewing the girl options, I couldn’t help but be reminded of babies and little girls featured in old hollywood films. The brand has clearly stuck closely to their original designs.

I recently received one of the latest boy’s offerings from the Longall collection, the Diamond Grid Knit Longall, in light blue. The new design is a tightly knit romper with a decorative diamond knit on the chest and lower sleeve.

DSC_1725__17213.1426256276.1280.1280The romper is well stitched. All the buttons are on securely, and the structure and design is top notch. It looks and feels slightly different than I had imagined. In the promotional picture it appeared incredibly soft, however the softness is average for a knit. It is however, quite a bit thicker than I had imagined, with the exception of the diamond knit design on the chest. The diamond knit design can be viewed as an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your circumstances. If your child is wearing the romper indoors, the diamond design may keep him from overheating. If he is wearing it outdoors, you may want to layer him up.

DSC_1761__64439.1426256366.1280.1280This knit romper is retailing at $50.95 and the quality is comparable to something you would find at a middle of the road retail store with similar prices. Overall, I would recommend the Feltman Bros brand to anyone who prefers quality vintage inspired baby and toddler clothing.

 Disclaimer: PortlandFamily.com writer was given a sample product for review purposes.


One thought on “Feltman Bros Diamond Grid Knit Longall Review

  1. I have around 5 dresses I bought at B Altman NYC over thirty years ago for my daughters. Washed and cleaned them for my granddaughters…one was born in 10/15 the other is due 6/16.


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