Major Milestones

Milestones have always been important to Feltman Brothers! We’ve been a part of so many memorable moments with countless families—from planning the baby registry to launching baby into toddlerhood. And this year, we’re marking a major achievement of our own: 100 years in business. It’s amazing and humbling. But what’s a milestone without a celebration? We’re commemorating this special moment with a limited-edition collection, new keepsake dolls, special hangtags calling attention to our celebratory pieces, and precious gift baskets. Join us in this celebration and think of Feltman Brothers first for all of your child’s major moments:

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Best Baby Shower Gifts

If you are planning to attend a baby shower, we have a list of gifts that the mom-to-be is sure to love! Jillian Darlington, the founder and CEO of MomCo, is also a parenting expert and demonstrated some of these products on FOX 5 in San Diego. Below is a link to the segment so you can learn more about the products as well.

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What a doll!

As moms, you are your child’s first hero, so they want to do everything you do. Decide to paint your nails? Suddenly you’ve got a mani/pedi partner. Want to chat on the phone? Be ready to invest in a make-believe data plan for your little chatty Kathy. They even love to mimic the sweet way you nurture your family. You’ve probably caught your daughter cuddling, swaddling and “feeding” their baby dolls on more than one occasion. Dolls give little girls the opportunity to be just like mommy. And that includes the extra special care you take in dressing them up.

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Beautiful Doll Giveaway

by brands come and go, so when you come across a company that has both a long history and a bright future, you know you’ve discovered something special. Feltman Brothers is exactly that—a company rich with time-honored traditions and classic designs that have been loved by one generation after the next. The company is proud to be turning 100 years young in 2016, and we’re helping them celebrate with an amazing giveaway. One Project Nursery reader will win a Feltman Brothers Collectible Doll (a $149 value).

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In the Bag…


If your delivery date is on the horizon, chances are you’re already thinking about what to bring baby home in. And of course, that’s easy! When it comes to dressing baby for his or her debut, Feltman Brothers has many perfect options. Our pima cotton pieces are silky soft for that precious newborn skin, our 100 Year Collection features limited-edition pieces that are as special as your baby, our knit options keep little ones warm in chilly climates and our take-me-home gowns are beautiful and practical for the numerous diaper changes that come with each new arrival.

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Parents and kids all love to have the latest style that are available, so you know for a fact that they will have the newest looks out there. Although, you can’t forget about your babies, I mean babies have to look good too right? You want to have your youngster in something real nice and stylish for everyone to see. You don’t want them in just any old outfit that might not even be comfortable for them. Well, al that is going to change because I have a couple of products that are sure to grab your attention, these are available at Feltman Brothers. These products c0uld be a great pick-up for your little one. So check out the information on the products I have for you below.

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Style And Comfort For Baby From Feltman Brothers

As you know we recently welcomed home our sweet baby girl. After bringing her home the time has been flying by. She is now seven weeks old and changing so fast. I was saddened the other morning when I went to put one of her newborn outfits on her and it didn’t fit anymore, however I was delighted that she can now fit into her Feltman Brothers one piece. She is our precious little angel and deserving of all the best things in life and I hope to give as many of those things as possible.

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Gift guide for your wee Valentine loved ones

Gift guide for your wee Valentine loved ones

What’s decorated in shades of pink and red or with hearts galore? You’re little one, of course! This Valentine’s Day, accentuate your sweet little ones’ sweet side with items filled with love from Feltman BrothersPrince Lionheart,Isabelle Grace JewelryBooginHead, and BubbleBum.

Feltman Brothers 

You can keep your precious one warm and cozy with Feltman Brothers’ cardigan collection, including the Crocheted Flowers Cardigan ($45.95) in pink or white (both photographed below), the Cardigan with Rosebuds ($33.99) in pink or white (both photographed below), the Cardigan with Crocheted Collar & Pockets (on sale for $31.50) in pink, the Girls Hooded Cardigan with Ribbon Insert ($37.99) in pink, and the Hooded Jacquard Knit Cardigan (on sale for $30.99) in pink.

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The Sweetest Easter

With Easter being earlier this year (March! Eek! What will we do?), I decided to go ahead and get busy planning outfits. Outfits are not the reason for the season for my family, personally, but it’s certainly fun seeing everyone all dolled up – and that includes my own doll baby, little L. (although this year she is officially a toddler and not really a baby anymore…sob.)

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